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Starting therapy can be difficult. It may be hard to imagine trusting someone when you are already in a painful place. Therapy is not always an easy road. It takes courage and spirit. I have great respect for people who seek help in knowing and understanding themselves better.

I want you to feel comfortable and safe with me. I also know that counseling does not always feel safe and comfortable. These uncomfortable times may be difficult, but they can also be gifts, like jewels in a sunken treasure. When we take time to understand you and these hard places together, we can learn so much about you: what you feel, what you need and ways you are already strong.

Sometimes there are places in you that are carrying old hurts. These can be like a kind of sore spot that gets aggravated at times bringing strong feelings that may be overwhelming and can get in the way of your clear thinking. Together, at your pace, we can get to know and understand these hurt places and help you find relief from these self- defeating cycles.

Often we do this by talking, other times you may want to draw, do art, use the toys, sit, lay down, walk or move around the room. There are many ways you can express yourself with me as we work together.

Therapy is never a perfect process, we will learn much about you, witness your growth, maybe share some laughs, but sometimes the work can bring up sad and painful feelings. Over time though you will start to feel better, think more clearly and find it is a journey well worth taking. I am hopeful we can build a way of working together that will help you grow and find more joy and satisfaction in your life and in your relationships. It will take time and work, but between the two of us we can get you there.

I welcome questions and invite you to call or email me if you want to know more about my work.

When somebody works with hardship in an openhearted and humorous way...when somebody cultivates his or her bravery, everyone responds, because we know we can do that too.
-Pema Chodron

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